My city 2: The terrifying history Zhalovskoy, or the Spider

18+ Книга "My city 2: The terrifying history Zhalovskoy, or the Spider" – Dmitry Borrony, Liudmila Borrony, 2019
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This history — continuation of history "My city: tragedy of one family". This story about treachery and freedom. How it is possible to change consciousness of the person. That for this purpose it is necessary. This story about people who fight against injustice. They give to other people hope to remember when they were others, were not subject to change of consciousness, brain activity. What there is a human consciousness? As it can be changed.

On a cover of a photo of the park Ramenskoye

На обложке фото парка г. Раменское

Содержит нецензурную брань.

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