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Мартин Иден / Martin Eden

Джек Лондон

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Роман «Мартин Иден» – одно из самых знаменитых произведений Джека Лондона.

Главный герой Мартин Иден, крепкий и душевный парень из простой семьи, бывший моряк, влюбляется в Рут, девушку из состоятельной семьи. Сила любви творит чудеса: Мартин меняется как личность, занимается самообразованием, растет духовно. Он становится настоящим писателем, но когда к нему приходит невероятный успех, теряет вкус к жизни.

Текст произведения подготовлен для уровня 3 Intermediate (т. е. для продолжающих учить английский язык средней ступени) и снабжен комментариями.

В конце книги дается англо-русский словарь.

Джек Лондон / Jack London

Мартин Иден / Martin Eden

© Матвеев С. А., подготовка текста, комментарии, словарь

© ООО «Издательство АСТ»

Chapter 1

He opened the door with a key and went in, followed by a young fellow who awkwardly removed his cap. He wore rough clothes of a sailor. He did not know what to do with his cap.

The wide rooms seemed too narrow for him. His heavy arms hung at his sides. He did not know what to do with those arms and hands. He watched the easy walk of the other in front of him, and for the first time realized that his walk was different from that of other men. The sweat burst through the skin of his forehead in tiny beads, and he paused and mopped his bronzed face with his handkerchief.

“Hold on, Arthur,[1 - Hold on, Arthur. – Подождите, Артур.] my boy,” he said, attempting to mask his anxiety with facetious utterance. “This is too much for me now. You know I didn’t want to come, and I guess your family doesn’t want to see me at all.”

“That’s all right,” was the reassuring answer. “You mustn’t be frightened at us.[2 - You mustn’t be frightened at us. – Незачем нас бояться.] We’re just homely people – Hello, there’s a letter for me.”

He stepped back to the table, opened the envelope, and began to read, giving the stranger an opportunity to recover himself. And the stranger understood and appreciated.

An oil painting drew his attention. There was beauty, and it drew him irresistibly. He forgot his awkward walk and came closer to the painting, very close. He did not know painting. He had seen oil paintings, it was true, in the show windows of shops, but the glass of the windows did not allow him to come closer.

Then he saw the books on the table. He glanced at the titles and the authors’ names, read fragments of text, caressing the volumes with his eyes and hands, and, once, recognized a book he had read. He took a volume of Swinburne[3 - Swinburne – Суинберн (английский поэт XIX века).] and began to read. Twice he closed the book on his forefinger to look at the name of the author. Swinburne! he must remember that name. But who was Swinburne? Was he dead a hundred years or so, like most of the poets? Or was he alive still, and writing? He turned to the title-page… yes, he had written other books; well, he will go to the library in the morning and try to get some Swinburne’s books. He went back to the text and lost himself. He did not notice that a young woman had entered the room. Suddenly he heard Arthur’s voice saying:

“Ruth,[4 - Ruth – Руфь] this is Mr. Eden.[5 - Mr. Eden – мистер Иден]”

He closed the book. “Mr. Eden!” Everybody called him just “Eden,” or “Martin Eden,[6 - Martin Eden – Мартин Иден]” or just “Martin,” all his life. And “Mister!” It was something!

And then he turned and saw the girl. She was a pale, ethereal creature, with wide, spiritual blue eyes and a wealth of golden hair. He did not know how she was dressed, except that the dress was as wonderful as she. She was like a pale gold flower upon a slender stem. No, she was a spirit, a divinity, a goddess. She looked him straight in the eyes as she shook hands, frankly, like a man. The women he had known did not shake hands that way.[7 - did not shake hands that way – жали руку по-другому] Never had he seen such a woman.

“Will you sit down, Mr. Eden?” the girl was saying. “Arthur