The Three Energies. The Forgotten Canons of Health and Harmony

16+ Книга "The Three Energies. The Forgotten Canons of Health and Harmony" – Rami Bleckt, 2016
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Practically everybody, who reads Rami’s books, notes that his books are both practical and useful, besides trey are read easily. His books give readers the opportunity to find answers almost to all questions because they help to settle basic problems. This book, being republished several times, once again proves that the truth is simple and practical.The book “The Three Energies” was written on the base of ancient wisdom, the best modern scientific works and long life experience of a lot of people. Rami Bleckt gives answers to the questions in simple and interesting style. Without knowing these answers it is difficult to be in harmony with yourself in the swift stream of modern life, to keep one’s health and spirits.This book is recommended for a wide range of readers, especially for doctors, psychologists, teachers, leaders and administrators of all levels.

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